Charlottesville massage therapist Bianca H. King offers therapeutic stress reduction for body and mind. Located in Charlottesville, VA, her practice, German Massage Therapy, offers the best in Charlottesville, VA massage. More info...

Bianca H. King

LMT/CMT, Charlottesville, VA

Bianca is a Charlottesville massage therapist that has been practicing in Charlottesville since 1992. She received her education in Germany during the early 80's... More

About Bianca

Bianca King - German Massage TherapyBianca H. King, is a German Massage Therapist Practitioner that has been practicing in Charlottesville, Virginia since 1992. She received her education in Germany during the early 80's and practiced there until 1986 when she married and moved to Virginia. The german massage education is medical oriented and incorporates physical therapy, hydro therapy, electro therapy, swedish massage, deep tissue, reflexology, myofascial release, shiatsu and sports massage techniques. For a complete list of services and descriptions, visit the German Massage Therapy Services Page.

My approach is to understand the type of massage needed for each individual client; based on a number of specific needs and circumstances.

My philosophy is to spend as much time as needed and really give my full attention to each person. I'm not about high volume, as many as I can see, daily business. Working from home gives me the convenience to treat only a few clients a day and put all my energy into each session.

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Licensed Massage Therapist/Medical Massage Practitioner
Board Certified Massage Therapist; License #0019 001092